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Ice storm update

Dec 23, 2013

TORONTO, Dec. 23, 2013 /CNW/ - Hydro One has deployed all available staff to work on restoration efforts across Ontario. Currently there are about 80,000 Hydro One customers without power. The freezing rain that started Saturday has caused widespread power outages to Hydro One's distribution system. Hydro One is working to restore as many customers as possible today, but some customers will be without power overnight.

Hydro One has restored approximately 80,000 customers since the storm began, but much work remains.   "We have more than 1,400 people working on this restoration effort, 300 were recalled from holidays to help get power back to our customers," said Carmine Marcello, President and CEO, Hydro One Inc. "It's a real struggle out there, with new outages occurring as power is restored but we're making steady progress."   Workers include line maintainers, foresters, technicians, helicopter crews, call centre agents, grid control operators and support staff. Hydro One is also receiving assistance from 13 other utilities, which are in a position to help as they have restored all of their own customers.   Helping utilities include: Woodstock Hydro, London Hydro, Tillsonburg Hydro, Festival Hydro, Sudbury Hydro, North Bay Hydro, Orangeville Hydro, Orillia Hydro, Midland Hydro, Peterborough PUC, Newmarket Hydro, Ottawa Hydro, Pembroke Hydro.   Once Hydro One customers are restored, resources will be made available to Toronto Hydro and other utilities that need them get power back to their customers.   Some of the major areas affected are listed below:

Area Affected Number of Hydro One
Customers Affected
Beachville 7,000
Bolton 12,400
Bowmanville 2,900 
Dundas 12,430
Guelph 11,000
Kingston 500
Listowel 6,700
Newmarket 7,200 
Orangeville 8,000
Peterborough 4,600
Picton 5,680 
Simcoe 2,500
Walkerton 500

Estimated times of restoration range from December 23 to December 26 for the final customers restored.

Hydro One will provide updates on restoration times once the extent of the storm damage has been determined in each of the affected areas. Typically, with a weather event of this magnitude, it can take multiple days to repair damage and restore power to all customers.

"We have all available resources working to restore power. The storm continues to cause damage but as our crews assess areas we will be able to provide customers with restoration times," said Len McMillan, Vice President, Operations and Maintenance, Hydro One Networks.

Important Safety Information
Hydro One strongly urges people to take extra precaution near fallen power lines. People are urged to report the location of the fallen wires to Hydro One as soon as possible. Touching a vehicle or a tree that is in contact with a power line can be fatal.

Hydro One delivers electricity safely, reliably and responsibly to homes and businesses across the province of Ontario and owns and operates Ontario's 29,000 km high-voltage transmission network that delivers electricity to large industrial customers and municipal utilities, and a 123,000 km low-voltage distribution system that serves about 1.3 million end-use customers and smaller municipal utilities in the province. Hydro One is wholly owned by the Province of Ontario.

SOURCE Hydro One Inc.

For further information:

contact Hydro One Media Relations 24 hours a day at 1-877-506-7584 (toll-free in Ontario only) or 416-345-6868. Our website is