Hydro One and London Hydro reach an important milestone in the $36 million investment to modernize the Nelson Transformer Station

London, ON, Jan. 25, 2019 – Today, Hydro One and London Hydro announced the successful connection of an upgraded Nelson Transformer Station (TS), the first step in a multi-year project to replace the aging station. With Hydro One having completed all $36 million upgrades on-time and $3 million under budget, London Hydro is now working to finalize connections to the municipal grid. This collaborative investment in the system will improve reliability to the downtown London core and allow for faster restoration when power outages do occur.

“The upgrades in London are part of a larger investment to minimize power outages and keep the public safe by using more efficient and modern equipment across the province,” said Jason Fitzsimmons, Chief Corporate Affairs and Customer Care Officer, Hydro One. “This collaborative and cost-effective investment between Hydro One and London Hydro will create a more dependable supply of power to an economically significant city providing jobs to people across the region.”

The new station is the first of its kind in the City of London to include new indoor technology to minimize weather or animal contact related outages. This modernized site replaces a 71-year old station and now harmonizes its voltage with the rest of London’s Hydro system to significantly minimize power outages.

“The upgrade of Nelson TS has been a strategic component of London Hydro’s ongoing initiative to ensure a sustainable and reliable 27.6kV supply to the London downtown core,” said Bill Milroy, Vice President, Engineering & Operations, London Hydro. “The collaborative investment in the modernization of Nelson TS has been planned to coordinate with related investments London Hydro has been making to ensure a smart and reliable distribution grid for the City of London.”

Nelson TS is one of seven transformer stations that supply power to London Hydro from Hydro One’s high-voltage transmission network. A safe and reliable transmission system is essential in supporting strong economies and successful communities.  




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